Show Promotion Basics

So you have booked a show a great local venue and you are ready to let everyone know. You quickly put a post on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and then go about the work of practicing and getting ready for the show. A few weeks later you take the stage ready to rock and then you see something disturbing; a nearly empty venue. What happened?

Simple. In your rush to post something cool looking on social media you forgot to include the date of your show and the name of the venue.

Don’t laugh. It’s happened to many bands

When getting ready to promote an upcoming show, it is best to have a simple checklist for anything you print, post or tweet. These simple guidelines will help to ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste.

  1. WHO – Make sure your band’s name is large and easy-to-read. Doesn’t matter if it is a log or just type, everyone needs to know the name of the band.
  2. WHAT – Is it a regular gig, a benefit, an opening slot, etc
  3. WHERE – Include the name of the venue. Also either include the address or a link to the venue’s website.
  4. WHEN – Include the day of the week and the date. Double check it before you finalize your post. Don’t forget the start time. If there are other acts be sure to mention the start of the event and the time you take the stage.
  5. COST – What is the charge to get in? Let people know this so they can plan and have cash for a cover charge if needed. If it is free, let them know there is no cover charge.
  6. OTHER – Always include links to items that contain additional details such as your website, the venue’s website, sponsors, etc
  7. GRAPHICS – Be sure to use a good photo of your band. Something that is professional looking and sharp.

Take a few minutes to follow these simple steps before you post and you have a better chance of getting a larger crowd at your event. Your band will also look very professional in the eyes of the venue manager, which is important for getting future gigs.