Tips On Promoting Your Shows

I often get many questions from band about the “right way” to promote an upcoming show. While in reality there is no “right way” there are some things that any band/artist should do to help increase their attendance at an upcoming show. Here are just a few ideas:

    • Start promoting your show at least a month in advance. Too often, bands post info about an upcoming show a few days before the event. I’ve seen some even post it the day of the event! The more advance notice you give people about it, the more time people can plan, comment or share your information about the gig.
    • DO PRINTED POSTERS. Even though we are in a social media hungry society, printed posters do work at a venue. But, you need to get them to the venue at least a month in advance so people can seem them.
    • Ask the venue to help promote. Ask them to be sure to share your information on their website or social media. Give them hi-quality photographs of your band or logo to use. Also, ask if they can help by giving you something to giveaway at your show. Perhaps a gift card or a free meal. Prizes do help create interest.
    • Create a unique graphic for each show that clearly states the date of the show, the venue name, starting time and admission charge (if any). Use this graphic to post on social media.
    • Create an invite for your event. Facebook will often recommend an event to people (other than your fans or people who liked your page) based on many different criteria. Plus people can search for events.
    • POST OFTEN. You need to post information about a gig more than once. Studies show that it takes people about seven (7) times to see an ad before they remember it. Plus with the way most social media platforms work, people may not always see your post right away. That’s why you need to do it often!
    • POST IN PLACES OTHER THAN YOUR PAGE! I’m amazed that more bands/artists do not do this. Find pages and groups that might be of interest to potential fans. Community pages, music genre pages, media pages, etc. The more places you post, the greater your opportunity to reach people who could become fans of your music.
    • Paid Posts/Boost. This works well and helps to get new people/fans to see your information.

Remember – your goal is to EXPAND your audience and then to ENGAGE them. The more people that know about your show, the more people that can help promote it on social media. Take advantage of free sites (like NEO Hot Picks) for posting and then work hard at promoting your show. The more effort you put in, the more success you will see!