Farming “LIKES” – Not A Good Idea & And A Scam

I recently wrote a post about Fake Likes and how it can hurt your page and reputation in the long run. Another method of getting Fake Likes is through a method called “Farming”. Chances are, you have fallen victim to this scam and may not even know it.

Have you ever participated in a Facebook Quiz or contest? You know the types of Facebook quizzes such as, “What is Your Music IQ?” or “What Hollywood Celebrity Do You Look Like?” Or perhaps a contest for a giveaway? Many of these are nothing more than a hidden method to get you to LIKE a facebook without knowing it. Here is how it works:

  1. You see a quiz or contest in your newsfeed
  2. You click the button to take the quiz or participate in the contest
  3. At that point you click a button to “connect your facebook page”
  4. You see a quick disclaimer, but chances are you ignore it. That disclaimer actually mentions that the quiz or contest will access information from your facebook profile. This could include your friends lists, etc
  5. You begin to take the quiz by clicking a button. At that point YOU MAY HAVE LIKE A PAGE AND DIDN’T KNOW IT. 
  6. Even though you are taking the quiz, the button was programmed to LIKE a page without you knowing about it. 

I’ve seen some artists use this method to gain many LIKE very quickly. This method is becoming popular because it actually links to real accounts on Facebook and are much hard to tell. However, Facebook has started to implement tracking tools to follow this type of LIKE farming and “bait & switch” activity.
How can you tell if you have LIKED something and don’t know it?

The easiest way is to go to your page and look for the LIKES tab. There you can see everything that you have LIKED. To unlike, simply, go to that page and “unlike” it. Always be careful when you are participating in quizzes and contests because your personal information and friends list could be accessed and used without your knowing about it!

We monitor fake likes, farming Likes and other similar practices. We only include artists/bands with real Likes on our lists and will often pass on malicious activity to facebook, or other sources when it is discovered