FAKE “LIKES” and the impact on your page

As many people know we publish a “top list”of the area’s local bands based on their LIKES and other social media data. Recently, we have seen some bands/artists use 3rd party services to “buy likes” for their page. While this can give you an immediate, and dramatic, increase in your LIKES it does have long-term negative effects.

First, there are tools available (and this page uses them) that provides insights on where the LIKES came from and were they obtained either “organically” or through legitimate paid boosts. These tools can identify false users and other types of identifiers that show that the LIKES are not “Real.” In addition, in the long run it does not help a band to have these false likes.

You need to build a real following that will support you and engage with you online and at shows. Fake users do not attend shows. Bar and club owners will see that and call you out for that. Also, seeing a sudden and dramatic increase in LIKES or followers over a very short period of time, for no real reason does raise a lot of red flags.

Paying to boost a post to ask people to LIKE your page, or doing a giveaway when people LIKE your page results in good increases. Having 3rd party companies in foreign countries paying people to LIKE your page does not help and is actually easy to spot. So if you are in a band and want to increase your LIKES do it in a proven and legitimate method that will result in actual fans.

Finally, if our tools discover fake likes on the page of an artist, we will not include you on the list. We support those bands that get out and work hard to build their following!